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Please submit a Paper Renewal Form if you meet one of the following criteria:

  • If you would like to request your license be in Inactive status. 
  • If since your last renewal you have been convicted of a felony or had any disciplinary or
    administrative action taken against your license in Kansas or any other jurisdiction.
  • If you wish to not renew online.

Instructions for First Time Online Users:

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New users will first have to register in order to create a User ID, Password, and Security Question. From the Renewal Portal login page, click "Register a Person" in the top left Menu bar.

Arrow bulletFollow the instructions on the registration page and enter your information into at least two of the data fields.
 If you require a Renewal ID and/or Registration Code you may find them on your "Official Notice to
         Renew" that is mailed from our office the week after your profession's renewal period opens.

Arrow bulletComplete your registration. You may now use your new User ID and Password to login.
Save this information as it will remain in our system for you to use during your next renewal cycle

For detailed instructions showing each step of the Registration process please see our online guide: 
Online Registration Guide   (click link)

For detailed instructions showing each step of the Renewal process please see our online guide:
Online Renewal Guide    (click link)

K.A.R. 66-6-6. Renewal of licenses and certificates of authorization.

(a) Each licensee whose last name begins with one of the letters A through L shall renew the license in even-numbered years. Each licensee whose last name begins with one of the letters M through Z shall renew the license in odd-numbered years. A written notice shall be issued by the board to each licensee during the appropriate renewal year, and not later than 30 days before the following expiration dates:
(1) architects June 30;
(2) landscape architects December 31;
(3) professional engineers April 30;
(4) professional geologists June 30; and
(5) professional surveyors March 31. 
... to view K.R.A. 66-6-6 in its entirety please click here.

Frequently Asked Questions


Please read our FAQS for Individual License Renewal if you have questions! 

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Can I still renew by paper? 
Yes, you are welcome to fill out the renewal form provided on the back of your 'Official Notice to Renew,' or
        utilize the available form at the top of this page, and mail it into our Board with a check or money order. 

Arrow bulletWho cannot renew online? Why can I not find my license online? 
In some cases, individuals are not eligible to renew their license online if: 
             - It is more than 60 days past your license's expiration date. 
             - You have been convicted of a felony 
             - You have had administrative or disciplinary action commenced against you in Kansas
                or any other jurisdiction since your last renewal period. 
        If you are unable to see your license details while registering or while logged into the portal please make sure
        you are entering in your data correctly as it is listed on your renewal form, and then contact KSBTP at
        785-296-3053 or for further instruction. 

Arrow bulletWhat payment options are available? 
Online you may pay by electronic check ($1.25 processing fee) or by card ($1.75 processing fee). If you wish
        to send a check or money order please send with a paper renewal form.