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In Kansas, a ‘business entity’ means a general corporation, professional corporation, limited liability company, limited liability partnership, corporate partnership or other legal entity created by law. 

Arrow bulletWho needs a Certificate of Authorization?

Kansas Statues state if you are going to practice or offer to practice in the state of Kansas a technical profession through a business entity, the business entity needs a KSBTP Certificate of Authorization. The only type of business entity that is not required to have a Certificate of Authorization is that of a sole proprietor.

Arrow bulletWhat are the requirements for a Certificate of Authorization? 

Detailed instructions are listed on the first page of the application (available to download below). 
A complete application will include the following: 
   - Completed Application Form with original, wet signature
   - Non-Refundable Application Fee of $170.00
   - Articles of Formation (from the home state of business)
Commonly Asked Questions

How soon will a Certificate of Authorization be issued? 
It takes approximately 2 business days from receipt of the application to the issuance of a certification if the application is complete. An approval letter will be emailed the same day your business's certification is granted. A certificate will then be mailed within five business days.

Who can sign as principal in responsible charge for our certificate? 
K.S.A. 74-7036 (1): One or more principals is designated as being in responsible charge for the activities and decisions relating to the practice of such profession and is licensed to practice such profession by the board and is a regular employee of and active participant in the business entity; ... 
     K.S.A. 74-7003 (n): "Principal" means a person who serves in a business entity as an officer,
     member of a board of directors, member of a limited liability company or partner. 
     K.S.A. 74-7003 (u): "Responsible charge" means the application of personal supervision and
     professional judgment, and the incorporation of detailed knowledge with respect to the content of a
     technical submission by a licensee when applying the normal standard of care for the work that             such licensee is licensed to perform. 
    Our Board does not define how many hours a "regular employee" must work; They may be full or
     part-time to meet the requirement.  

Will I be contacted/ When will I be contacted?
 If a requirement is missing or found unsatisfactory you will be contacted within 2 business days of the application's receipt via e-mail from our Board staff. If your application is processed and approved your first contact from KSBTP will be the receipt of your approval letter. 

The KS Secretary of State's Office is asking for a certificate verifying my professional license and company name before I can register with them, where may I request this? 

E-mail with the name of your principal in responsible charge and proposed business name to receive this verification document. There is currently no form available on our website.

Other Forms
Change of Name for Business Entity 
To provide information to KSBTP to change the Name for a Business Entity.

Principal in Responsible Charge Change Form

To provide information to KSBTP to change the Responsible Principal for a Business Entity.

Reinstatement for Business Entities
To reinstate a Business Entity after cancellation or voluntary lapse.  
The fee for Reinstatement of a Business Entity is $100.

Paper Renewal Form for Business Entities
 Link to the renewal process for a Business Entity.

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