Renewal Information for Certificates of Authorization

Businesses must renew their Kansas Certificate of Authorization every two years to avoid expiration and/or cancellation.
Each Certificate a business holds needs renewed separately by the Principal in responsible charge. 

Business names beginning with letters A-L renew in even-numbered years and business names beginning with letters M-Z renew in odd-numbered years. Each renewal period allows 60 days to renew before certificate expiration and then an additional 60 day grace period before certificate cancellation. A business may not offer to practice/ make any bids with an expired or cancelled certificate.

Yearly Renewal Period: November 2nd to December 31st 
Grace Period: January 1st to March 1st

To renew by paper: 

  • Print the paper renewal form and mail to our Board office with a check or money order for $95.00. The current Principal in responsible charge for your Certificate of Authorization must sign the renewal form for it to be processed; if you need to update your Principal in responsible charge submit a Principal in Responsible Charge Change Form along with your renewal and they will be processed simultaneously. 

Paper Renewal Form for Business Entities
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To renew online: 

Button for online renewal portal

Need to Update Any Information with Our Board? 

To update business name: Business Entity Name Change Form
To change your Principal in Responsible Charge: Principal in Responsible Charge Change Form
To add additional emails or addresses: Address Change Request Form 
                         All business entity forms can be located by using the 'Forms' tab at the top of our website! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can I not find my business online when I try to register? 
If you are unable to see your Certificate of Authorization details while registering or while logged into the portal please make sure you are entering in your data exactly as it is listed on your renewal form. You will not see the business if you are logged into your personal license's renewal portal. If you experience trouble after creating a business login contact KSBTP at 785-296-3053 or for help.

What payment options are available? Online you may pay by electronic check ($1.25 processing fee) or by card ($1.75 processing fee). If you wish to send a check or money order please send with a paper renewal form.

K.A.R. 66-6-6. Renewal of licenses and certificates of authorization

(b) Each business entity whose name begins with one of the letters A through L shall renew its certificate of authorization in even numbered years. Each business entity whose name begins with one of the letters M through Z shall renew its certificate of authorization in odd-numbered years. A notice shall be issued by the board to each business entity during the appropriate renewal year, and not later than 30 days before the December 31 expiration date.
... to view K.R.A. 66-6-6 in its entirety please click here.