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December 18, 2018 - Congratulations to Newly Licensed Professional Engineers
November 30, 2018 - Congratulations to Newly Licensed PG and Certified Intern Geologists 
October 30, 2018 - Renewal Portal Opening for Landscape Architects & Business Entities
October 30, 2018 - Now Available Update Your Contact Information Online

August 6, 2018- New Board Leadership Elected at July 2018 Meeting for FY2019
August 6, 2018- New Professional Engineer Board Member, Jack Poole, P.E.
August 6, 2018- New Professional Surveyor Board Member, John Lilak, P.S.
July 13, 2018- Kansas Architect David Hoffman 2018-19 NCARB President
June 05, 2018- Newly Licensed PE and PG by Examination Announcement
May 31, 2018- Kansas State University Graduates Applying for the October 2018 Exam (Transcripts)
May 25, 2018- PE Exam Scores Released on May 24, 2018
May 03, 2018- NCEES Seeks Volunteers for FE and FS Exam Content Review
May 03, 2018- February 2018 Ceremony Photos Now Available
May 01, 2018- Renewal Portal Open for Architects and Professional Geologists
April 25, 2018- Continuing Education Opportunity: Geoethics
April 25, 2018- Second Renewal Notices for Professional Surveyors

March 30, 2018- Renewal Grace Period for Expired Professional Surveyors
March 30, 2018- Continuing Education Audits for All Professions

March 15, 2018- KSBTP Administrative Specialist Position Open
March 02, 2018- Renewal Portal Open for Professional Engineers (A-L)

February 23, 2018- KSBTP Extends Thanks to Everyone for February 2018 Licensure Ceremony
February 13, 2018- Newly Licensed Architects by Exam
February 13, 2018- Renewal Portal Open for Professional Surveyors

January 19, 2018- Licensure Recognition Ceremony Febuary 9, 2018
January 19, 2018- Business Entity and LA (M-Z) Expired Licenses Will Cancel
January 19, 2018- The KSBTP Thanks Mark Bennet For His 41 Years of Service 

2017 Archived News

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December 28, 2017- Newly Licensed Professional Engineers By Exam Announcement
December 28, 2017- Newly Licensed Professional Geologists By Exam Announcement

November 2, 2017- Renewal Portal Open for Landscape Architects
November 2, 2017- Renewal Portal Open for Business Entities

November 2, 2017- Kansas Landscape Architect Elected to CLARB's Committee on Nominations
November 30, 2017- Continuing Education Opportunity: Geologic Mapping Webinar

October 4, 2017- CLARB Annual Meeting Article
October 25, 2017- KSBTP Welcomes KSLS New Executive Director

September 6, 2017-   NCEES Announces 2017 Board of Directors
September 6, 2017-   NCEES Recognizes Long-Standing Service of KSBTP Board Member
September 20, 2017- Transitioning to NCARB's ARE 5.0
September 25, 2017- NCEES Seeks Participants for Industrial and Systems Exam Survey
August 01, 2017-   Newly Licensed Architects, Landscape Architects, and Surveyors by Exam
August 02, 2017-   Kansas Architect Zachary Stoltenberg Shares Report After NCARB... Involvement
August 16, 2017- Investigators Needed

August 23, 2017- Registration is Open for KSLS Annual Conference
July 2017- Suspended Professional Surveyors List Available (Due to Failure to Renew in 2017)
July 2017- Pictures from the July 2017 Licensure Ceremony are Now Available
July 2017- Kansas Architect Elected as NCARB First Vice President/ President-elect
July 2017Architects and Professional Geologists: Expired Licenses Will Cancel on 08/30/2017
July 2017- New Board Elections for Fiscal Year 2018
July 2017- KSBTP Extends Thanks to Everyone Involved in the July 2017 Licensure Ceremony
June 2017- July Licensure Recognition Ceremony Invitation
June 2017- Architects and Professional Geologists: Non-Renewed Licenses Expire 6/30/2017
June 2017- Professional Engineers: Non-Renewed Licenses Cancel 6/30/2017
June 2017Newly Licensed Professional Engineers by Exam 
June 2017- NCARB Launches Second Alternative Path to Architect Certification  
June 2017- July Licensure Recognition Ceremony is Just Around the Corner
May 2017- Renewal Period Now Open for Architects & Professional Geologists (M-Z)...
May 2017- Professional Engineers: Expired Licenses will Cancel on 6/29/2017

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