About the Exam

The Kansas State Specific (KSS) exam is a 2 hour and 15 minute exam required for Surveyors applying for licensure in Kansas. The exam is administered at the Board office in Topeka, Kansas and is comprised of two parts. Applicants are required to pass both sections of the exam before a license will be issued. The exam is required for both Professional Surveyor by Exam as well as Comity applicants.  Results will be sent by mail from the Board within 4-6 weeks of the exam. Results may not be given over the phone.

Yearly Schedule

Applicants by exam:
The KSS is offered four times per year. The exam is offered in January, April, July and October.

Applicants by comity:
Comity individuals may test in January, April, July and October with exam applicants or choose to take the exam in any month for a higher fee rate. Should an individual fail the KSS, they must wait to retest at the next available exam date for examinee applicants (January, April, July and October.)

Exam Fees

Applicants by exam:
A $50 fee per exam is required for applicants by exam.

Applicants by comity:
Comity applicants submit a $50 fee per exam as well as an additional $100 fee if choosing to take the exam in any month other than January, April, July or October.


Please note that any applicant who is admitted to an examination and who either does not appear for the exam or cancels must again pay the fee and reschedule for a different exam date. Exam fees are non-refundable. Notifying the Board as soon as possible that you will miss your exam is appreciated.

Applicants that fail the exam after their third attempt (or more) should write to the Board requesting an additional exam attempt. Please provide an explanation regarding your additional efforts to pass the exam. Your letter will then be discussed at the next Board meeting.


Important Information

You may use textbooks, handbooks and bound reference material. No tablets, scratch paper or loose papers are permitted. Please note that staples, rubber bands and paper clips are not acceptable fasteners.

Only NCEES/Board approved calculators are permitted.  Please make sure to bring extra batteries/calculators. The NCEES calculator policy can be found at www.ncees.org.

Communication devices such as cell phones are not permitted to be on in the exam room.

All hats must be removed and placed on the ground before the exam begins.

Reference books may be tabbed with notes/flags before the exam, but pads of notes/flags are not permitted in the room.

Helpful Links & Resources

Kansas Statutes Annotated                      (www.ksls.com)

Kansas Minimum Standards Online           (www.ksls.com)

Salina Seminar Series (KSLS),
2 Hour - Kansas Minimum Standards classes
presented by Steve Brosemer, PS752 
Webster Conference Center, Salina, KS.