Welcome to the Kansas State Board of Technical Professions! Check out this website by navigating through the tabs above to find licensing information for the following professions: Architecture, Engineering, Geology, Landscape Architecture and Surveying, in addition to the Business Entities for these professions. 

Announcements & News: 

NCEES seeks Professional Surveyors' advice and expertise

NCEES is seeking licensed surveyors to participate in an online survey for the Principals and Practice of Surveying exam content review. This survey will be used to update the specifications of the exam. The information is posted online at http://ncees.org/ncees-seeks-professional-surveyors-expertise-advice/. Thank you for your help with this important study. 

Renewal period for Professional Engineers opens 03/02/2017

Official renewal notices will be mailed early February. If this is your first time utilizing our Online Renewal Portal to renew your PE license please wait to receive the official renewal notice containing the registration information you need to create a login and password before contacting our Board. All licensees that fail to renew by 04/30/2017 will become expired. 

 Renewal period for Professional Surveyors closes 03/31/2017

If your license expires due to failure to renew on time, you may still utilize the renewal portal through 06/29/2017 to renew the expired license back into Active status. You may not practice with an expired status. All licensees that fail to renew by 06/29/2017 will be cancelled. 

License Verification App

Do you need to search for a licensed professional on the go? Download a new, free app for iPhone and Android users. Visit your app store and download "MyLicense Verification." 

"MyLicense Verification" allows users to search and view information about licensed professionals in multiple states. Information includes license type and number, issue and expiration date, status, and other features. 

Upcoming Meetings: 

The next KSBTP Board meeting is April 28, 2017 in Topeka, Kansas. 

Please contact the Board office for more information.  

Exam Dates / Deadlines: 


PE                  10/27/2017                06/15/2017                                  NCEES
FG                  10/06/2017                07/01/2017                                  ASBOG
PG                  10/06/2017                07/01/2017                                  ASBOG
PT I & II           04/17/2017               03/17/2017                                  KSS*
PT I & II           07/17/2017               06/16/2017                                  KSS*
PT I & II           10/16/2017               09/18/2017                                  KSS*

* The KSS (Kansas State Specific) is a required exam for all surveyors; it is adminstered in Topeka by the Kansas Board of Technical Professions. 


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